QC Technician in Construction


QC Technician in Construction

Course Details

The course includes theory and practical sessions on every test performed to ensure the quality of constituents and product in concrete manufacturing and the materials used for road construction. The students will get hands on training on more than 20 lab equipment and can experience the behavior of a real working environment since the institute is located adjacent to Nath RMC Plant Malappuram.

The course is led under the guidance of the experienced dignitaries from the QC field and the course curriculum includes the following tests

  • Cement - Consistency of cement, Initial Setting Time and Final Setting Time.
  • Fine Aggregates - Sieve Analysis, Specific gravity, Water Absorption, Bulk density and percentage air voids
  • Coarse Aggregates - Sieve Analysis, Specific Gravity, Elongation Index, Flakiness Index, Water absorption, Bulk density and Percentage air voids, Impact Value, and Crushing Value
  • Concrete - Slump Test, Yield Test and Cube Test, Flow Table test, Self Compacting Concrete Test.
  • Soil - Sieve Analysis, Water Content, Atterberg Limits, Optimum Moisture Content and Maximum Dry Density, California Bearing Ratio Test, Field Density by Sand replacement method and Field Density using Core Cutter.
  • Bitumen - Sieve Analysis, Binder Content, Stripping Value
  • Granular Sub Base - Sieve Analysis, Field Density, Optimum Moisture Content and Maximum Dry Density
  • Wet Mix Macadam - Sieve Analysis, Field Density, Optimum Moisture Content and Maximum Dry Density.


Quality is considered with utmost importance in every construction work to bring out the best in each work. It is mandatory to carry out different tests to ensure the quality of materials as well as product. The major issue facing now in this field is the lack of skilled technician to execute the tests and the accuracy of each test lies in the way how they are executed. We can serve the industry with such skilled technician through this course, which is high on demand now.


  • B.Tech/ BE in Civil Engineering
  • Diploma in Civil Engineering
  • ITI Civil Engineering

Course Duration

  • 30 Working days